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Thank you!

to our family, friends, clients, & community

The Cyrus Place team has so much to be thankful for this year - more than we could ever express in one blog post. However, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass without expressing some gratitude!

  1. We are thankful to all of our clients that entrusted us with such big moments in their lives this season. We were fortunate enough to take part in wonderful wedding days and special events. Many of our past clients are now friends and there is no greater feeling than that!

  2. Forming friendships with other vendors and venues within the industry has taught us a great deal this year. All the support has been phenomenal and we look forward to the opportunity to form new friendships and learn even more from our community.

  3. Having Cyrus as the owner of the venue and business means our staff and clients are always taken care of and encouraged. We wouldn’t be where we are without all of his hard work, dedication, and innovation!

  4. The event staff that work hour after hour behind the scenes to ensure everything is top notch for our clients and venue guests. We are so grateful for our Bar Manager, Marketing Director, Security, Cleaning Crew, Sound Techs, and Interns.

  5. We are thankful to be considered for more weddings and events - we simply love what we do and look forward to all that awaits us this next year.

To our family, friends, clients & community, we wish you a happy holiday season and offer our sincerest thanks for your support this year! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!