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Our event venue is open, inviting, warm, and can be arranged to fit your event's needs. From small , intimate gatherings, to larger parties in need of more ...


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Wedding Venue, Event Center

The Cyrus Place truly has infinite versitility and built-in beauty!

thecyrusplace grand hall.JPG

Grand Hall:

This is our most luxurious room, complete with a full stage and lighted backdrop, as well as six 18-foot-tall stained glass windows. We can seat under 200 people in this room for a ceremony, or for cocktail hours we can host up to 350 people. If you’d like to have a seated dinner or reception in this room, we can seat up to 175. This room is where our ceremonies typically take place, but as with all of our plans, we are flexible and ready to work with your vision for your wedding, reception, or any other event you’d like in this room. The Grand Hall is not handicap accessible, but it has a wide staircase with shallow steps. The approximate dimensions of this room are 45×65 (including Stage).

thecyrusplace mainhall.JPG

Main Hall:

Located on the ground floor, this room has easy access to our exquisite bathrooms. This room is magical. It also has immediate access to the bar, the conference room, and the bridal suite, as well as the main entrance. This makes it perfect for hosting any seated meals, presentations, or parties. Completed with three magnificent stained glass windows that match the Grand Hall and a beautiful rustic style bar that perfectly matches the history of the building, the Main Hall will cater to all your needs. The approximate dimensions of this room are 45×45.


Bridal suite:

The bridal suite has a modern design, with a full L-shaped vanity, plenty of mirrors and lighting, comfortable seating area, dress hanging space, a dining table for cocktails, snacks or a casual chat, and a full bathroom! The exposed brick and vintage wooden wall make this space decorative as well as warm and inviting. Exceptionally spacious, this room is perfect for a small meeting or gathering. Additionally, it is a fantastic room for a bride and her bridesmaids to get ready for the big day. The approximate dimensions of this room are 16×40.


Groom quarter:

This speak-easy styled room is spacious enough to contain and entertain the groom and his groomsmen. The room comes equipped with a PS4, full cable TV, table shuffleboard, darts, and foosball. The room also comes with plenty of seating and makes a great space for the groomsmen to get ready and relax before the ceremony. The back wall, designed by Cyrus himself, is composed of wooden boards from James Whitcomb Riley’s own home, which was located on 22nd Street and Pennsylvania. Originally, the building didn’t have a lower gathering space. However, in 1954 they dug out the cellar and turned it into a basement. With the groom’s quarters being located an entire floor away from the bridal suite, the bride doesn’t have to worry about running into the groom! The approximate dimensions of this room are 40×14


Conference room:

This room has a great deal of flexibility and can be used for many different purposes. For example, this room can be used as a backroom for a caterer BOH, the location of your buffet, or even as a small conference room. This room also has exposed brick, access to full cable TV, its own bathroom, and plenty of daylight. There are many tables and seating arrangements that can be made for this room as well, depending on the type of event.

The approximate dimensions of this room are 35×15.

lvang the cyrus place event center.jpg


This area is the guilty-pleasure of our photographers because it makes aerial shots of ceremonies or events happening in the Grand Hall quite easy and fun. This is the highest publicly accessible point in the building and is only accessible through the glorious & handmade winding staircase. The back of the balcony has three beautiful smaller stained glass windows, also loved by photographers. Under the windows is a red leather Italian sofa, to match our memorable red doors.


From the first day we started designing the venue, we paid extra attention to our bathrooms because we wanted them to be excellent. Each stall has a real, designer door. The ladies’ room has a full makeup vanity, featuring a phone charging station with additional bench seating. The ladies’ room also has stained glass windows, diamond faucets, and beautiful full length body mirrors. The mens’ room has stained glass windows as well, with rustic dragon faucets for the sinks. As a final touch, both rooms have automatic & decorative lighting.



Each of our bars is handmade by Cyrus himself with most of the material being recycled from other parts of the building. Both bars offer a classic vintage look and are sure to draw the eye of your guests. The bar in the Main Hall is equipped with a back-of-the-house mini kitchen and a live edge wood counter. Hanging above the bar is a wine glass hanger made with an old ladder. When wrapped in floral, the bar looks even more beautiful. The bar off of our Grand Hall features an old barn flooring top and is convenient for any cocktail hour. Both of our bars are highly decorated and spacious enough to serve any number of guests.

Each room can accommodate a different guest count based on set up style, making The Cyrus Place a beautiful canvas to create your ideal event vision.

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