There is just no substitute for seeing this place in person!


If you look back at the weddings you've attended, what you generally remember is not the centerpieces, or the flowers, or even the dress…


wedding party

You can't imagine your wedding day without your best friends…


Weddings, though, are always packed full of other visual details besides the people.

getting ready

Do’s and Don't s for Getting Ready the Morning of Your Wedding:

  • DO have a timeline.

  • DON’T forget to hang up your dress and veil.

  • DON’T drink too much.

  • DO have a good playlist.

  • DO make sure there are enough outlets. 

  • DON’T forget your emergency kit.

  • DO remember to give out bridesmaid gifts.

  • DON’T get ready in a dark, cramped room. 

  • And never forget the FOOD!

Thank you the knot for this