Best Wedding Registries

What Is A Wedding Registry

The first wedding registry program was set up back in 1924 by a company called Marshall Field and the core idea of a bridal registry hasn't changed all that much since then. Every couple is going to get gifts from their guests for their wedding. No guest really knows what the couple needs and wants.

So the basic idea is that a couple goes to a retailer and lists all the cool things they need for themselves that their guests can buy. A wedding registry is nothing more than a list of stuff a couple want their guests to buy them.


While the concept of wedding registries hasn’t changed much over the last 5 years, what sets the best wedding registries apart from all others are the convenience, services, and uniqueness they offer. Gone are the days when all couples register for housewares to make their new house feel like a home. Honeymoon funds, cash gifts, and charitable donations are becoming more and more popular each year, and it’s important that the wedding registry giants keep up. And, with the reliance on wedding websites and wedding apps for staying organized and connected through the wedding planning process, it’s even more important than ever that registries are easy to use and intuitively designed — for couples and guests.

Now, we realize that most large stores, such as Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, and Macy’s, do have their own wedding registries — and those are awesome! But we didn’t include them here because they tend to be more niche and don’t have the same level of benefits and services that other wedding registry giants offer. We do still love those niche markets and stores, but, for the purposes of this article, we focused on the best of the best wedding registries with the most bang for your (guests’) buck that will effortlessly help you create the home and/or the honeymoon you’ve always dreamed of!

Here’s a list of most popular gifts purchased on wedding registries:

  1. Dinnerware Place Settings

  2. Cookware Sets

  3. Standing Mixers

  4. Blenders

  5. Kitchen Knife Sets

  6. Ovens

  7. Bedsheet Sets

  8. Experiences

  9. Area Rugs

  10. Robotic Vacuums


  1. U.S. engaged couples who register: 1.5 million; 88% of engaged couples set up a registry

  2. Average number of retailers an engaged couple registers at: 3

  3. Top 3 wedding registry retailers: Bed Bath & Beyond, Target and Macy’s

  4. When brides register: nearly 6 months before the wedding, on average

  5. Fiancé involvement in retailer selection: 70%

  6. Average number of items a couple registers for: 151

  7. Average family gift spend vs. friend gift spend: $146 vs. $79

  8. Most popular registry items: bakeware (91%) and kitchen appliances/electrics (90%)

  9. Top registry item qualities: practical (53%), casual (34%) and traditional (31%)

  10. Post-wedding, average percentage of registry couples expect to purchase themselves: 20%


What We Love: Zola is the gold standard for wedding registries these days because it allows you to register for everything from travel packages to cash to housewares from their growing online store — or from virtually any other store if they don’t have what you’re looking for. Their easy-to-use interface makes registering a breeze and their registry consultant, registry planner, and registry checklist will guide you through every step of creating the ultimate wish list. We love that couples can customize their registry pages with photos and notes to tell guests why they registered for certain items (totally optional), so it makes it another piece of the wedding vibe puzzle rather than just a list of gifts the couple wants. It’s Zola‘s personalization and attention to detail that truly sets them apart. Not to mention, Zola offers so much more than just registries: they also have beautiful wedding websites and wedding planning tools, to give you a one-stop-shop experience that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Benefits: universal registry; free and customizable shipping; easy online exchange you can use even before your gifts ship; 20% post-wedding discount for remaining items; registry app; registry planner; thank you note manager; price matching; group gifting; registry advisor

What’s the Catch: While it feels a little wrong to say there’s “a catch” to a wedding registry — after all, it is a list of gifts people are going to buy for you! — there are just a couple of small things to keep in mind on Zola. First, the 20% discount after the wedding only applies to items sold directly by Zola. Second, if you add a gift from another store, you have to manually verify the price listed and Zola does not update the registry listing if the price changes. You’ll just have to make sure you’re adding the retail price to items from other stores rather than sale prices so your guests don’t have incorrect information.

Blueprint Registry

What We Love: When it comes to innovation and next-level ideas, Blueprint Registry is where it’s at! While most online wedding registries provide lists or groups of items to choose from, Blueprint Registry (as the name suggest) actually allows you to browse and shop by room. Genius! Not only can you better visualize your items in a space, but you’ll see where there might be gaps, notice that some items don’t work with others, and refine your list with a much more concrete plan in mind.

Benefits: universal registry; shop room by room; shop all top retailers and brands; cash registry option with a subsidized processing fee and no additional fees; import an existing registry; gift tracker; completion discount; group gifting; personalized registry page with room for photos, notes, and highlights; registry concierge; fundraising pages for everything from honeymoon activities to date nights

What’s the Catch: There are a couple of different options for adding items from other stores to your registry, and it can be slightly confusing. If you use “Everyday Import,” you will essentially import existing registries from other stores, which can be a hassle for you but more convenient for your guests. If you add items using the “One-Time Import” feature or “Add to Blueprint” button, then your guests will be directed to the third-party site to actually purchase it. Once they buy the item, they have to navigate back to your Blueprint Registry page to mark the gift as “Purchased.” While that’s not a huge hassle, it does requires one extra step for your guests.

Bed Bath & Beyond

What We Love: If kitchen, bath, bedding, and general housewares are high on your list of must-haves, it’s hard to beat Bed Bath & Beyond‘s wedding registry! Not only do you get access to thousands of brands through their online store, but you get the invaluable option to meet with a registry consultant in-store to help you make the best selections and actually touch every item. Plus, walking around, scanning items like you own the place is surprisingly satisfying! If you haven’t seen our Editor-in-Chief Carrie’s Bed Bath & Beyond experience, make sure you take a peek for a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to register in-store and what essentials she recommends!

Benefits: in-store consultant; thousands of convenient locations; free announcement cards; free shipping; completion discount; free registry book and home guide for inspiration; registry checklist; start-to-finish incentive program with free gifts from select brands; refer-a-friend program that gives you a $25 store credit if a friend creates a wedding registry

What’s the Catch: Unlike most online registries these days, Bed Bath & Beyond does not offer a universal registry, which means you cannot add items from other stores to your Bed Bath & Beyond registry. While this might not be an issue considering their vast array of items and brands, it might mean you have to create at least one other wedding registry if you want to branch out from home goods.


What We Love: Can we all just agree that it’s hard to beat Target for most shopping needs in life? Well, they’ve applied that same magical, unexplainable appeal to their wedding registries, and we couldn’t be happier! Not only do they offer a huge variety of items that range from staples to exclusive items you won’t find anywhere else, but they go beyond the norm of most niche, brick-and-mortar stores to also offer an “Add from Anywhere” option. So, if you can’t find the exact blender you want at Target — or even if you find something on Etsy — you can easily add it to your registry using a bookmark link. Plus, Target has a notoriously easy return policy that’s extended up to a year for wedding gifts!

Benefits: universal registry; gift tracking; registry app; in-store and online registering; group gifting; personalized registry page; thousands of convenient locations; free in-store pickup; free shipping on orders over $35; group gifting; easy returns for up to a year; 15% completion discount; bonus gifts; integrated with Honeyfund to allow guests to contribute to your honeymoon

What’s the Catch: The one drawback is that Target‘s completion discount may take a while to receive via mail, and it can only be used once.


What We Love: It’s hard to imagine life without the convenience of Amazon. So, it should come as no surprise that their wedding registry remains one of the best around! They have continued to step up their game to match the wedding registry giants that have popped up over the years, and we think they are killing it. In addition to the seemingly unlimited goods they offer, you can also register for everything from gift cards to travel to once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Amazon also now has curated collections you can add to your list that will help you find items you might have otherwise forgotten (or not even known about!).

Benefits: universal registry tool; customizable page to add photos and notes, and highlight your favorite items; one-time 20% discount after the wedding for Prime members, 10% discount for non-Prime members; fast, free shipping for Prime members or free shipping over $25 for non-Prime members; 180-day return policy; bonus gifts from select brands; thank you note tracker

What’s the Catch: As with other sites that offer a universal registry, the process for guests to buy items not sold on Amazon can be quite cumbersome. For the couple, you have to manually add the details of the items you want from other stores, which opens up the possibility for errors. But for the guests, it can be even more challenging because they have to make the purchase on the other store’s website, find the couple’s address because Amazon doesn’t release that information, then navigate back to Amazon to mark it as “Purchased.” To be fair, nobody has quite figured out the universal registry hiccups yet, so we’ll continue to hope that’s an upgrade that’s coming soon across the board!


What We Love: Honeyfund changed the game for honeymoon registries by making them convenient and downright beautiful! They’ve elevated the experience of asking for money for your dream vacation and made it feel like buying off of a traditional registry. We also love their mission of not taking money from their registered couples (as it should be!) or extra money from gift givers. While there is an unavoidable exception for credit card payments, Honeyfund has shown they really are committed to making the experience great for everyone involved!

Benefits: free to use; lowest credit card payment fees compared to other honeymoon fund website; free conversion to digital gift cards; partnerships with Target and various travel companies to bring you the best experience options; ability to add gift cards from popular travel, dining, and retail brands; easily shareable via social media; easy-to-use interface to make gift giving convenient for your guests

What’s the Catch: While most of the Honeyfund website can be used free of charge, you’ll have to pay $39.99 for additional fonts, textures, and colors, a customizable background, and password protection. Also, the “totally free” scenario only applies to their Honeyfund Balance option, in which you redeem digital gift cards, or offline payment option, in which your guest makes a pledge on your Honeyfund page but pays you directly. If you want to receive cash gifts via WePay or PayPal, there’s a 2.8% fee + an additional $.30 charge per online transaction in the U.S. (fees vary by country). You can see their complete fee breakdown here.


What we love: Touted as “the elegant way to give and receive cash,” Tendr is perfect for couples who don’t need or want items for their home, don’t want to register for honeymoon activities, or simply just want a little more cash! (Really, who doesn’t?) It can be quite awkward to tell your family and friends that you just want cash, so having an official registry page on Tendr can definitely ease some of that anxiety. We also love that they give couples the option to donate a portion of their gifts to a charitable organization.

Benefits: option to donate a portion of your gifts to charitable organizations; customizable occasion pages (for everything from weddings to baby showers to graduations); option for the couple to pay the standard fee; various payment options for senders; easy withdrawal directly to your bank

What’s the Catch: As with all money transferring or gifting websites, Tendr does charge a standard fee. By default, they don’t charge the recipient any fees. They charge a flat $3 fee to the sender, no matter how large the gift is. If you’d prefer your guests not have to pay an extra fee, there is an option on your dashboard to pay those fees on their behalf. There’s also a 2.7% processing fee if the sender wants to buy by credit card, which the couple cannot opt to pay. Senders do have the option to pay using a bank transfer or Venmo, both of which are free. Lastly, you’ll want to check their list of supported banks to be sure you can withdraw your money when it’s time.

When it comes time to set up your wedding registry, you’ll want to include beautiful engagement photos!


Here is some more :


NewlyWish is a registry aggregate that combines their curated list of stylish products, experiences, and honeymoon excursions with offsite products. That means you can pick and choose items from different retailers and still register for the funds to go on your dream getaway. After the big day you'll get 10% off any remaining gifts, and will also enjoy unique discounts from NewlyWish's partners, like Squarespace and Appy Couple.


Registering at traditional stores like Bloomingdales and Crate & Barrel isn't for everyone. You can even register for non-tangibles, such as cooking classes and skydiving sessions. Literally nothing is off limits! You can also use MyRegistry to register at stores like Lowe's, Home Depot, and Pier One, none of which have their own branded registries.


With featured brands like All-Clad, Breville, Ralph Lauren, Michael Aram, and Waterford, you can expect to select housewares that are both functional and stylish when you register at Bloomingdale's. From fine china and kitchen essentials to decorative accents and cleaning supplies, Bloomingdale's offers a huge selection of goods with plenty of perks to go along with them. Aside from having a slew of gorgeous housewares, dinnerware, and décor at your fingertips (only a laser gun scan away!)


Create a registry at Kohl's if you're looking for a large and affordable selection of housewares. With the mission to help you turn your new house into a home, there's no shortage of stylish finds at this budget-friendly retailer. And their reward perks can't be beat: Earn 10% on all gifts from your registry (up to $200) in the form of a Kohl's coupon that can be used after the big day! They also offer a completion program where you can get 15% off any registry items that weren't purchased, so you can grab any gifts remaining on your list! Kohl's also offers manufacturer bonus gifts, free announcement cards (with 20% off coupons!) and seamless returns and exchanges.

Restoration Hardware

Even if you already live together and have every single basic you could ever need, you still need to create a wedding registry for guests that prefer not to give monetarily. Enter Restoration Hardware. Cool decorative items with European-inspired style are plentiful here, and for items you loved but didn't receive, you have up to one year after your event to purchase them with a 10% completion discount.

Crate & Barrel

For couples drawn to modern housewares, sleek furniture, and entertaining essentials—all at an affordable price point—a Crate & Barrel registry is a must. As a thank-you for signing up, the retailer will give you a set of best-selling stemless wine glasses and an embroidered linen bag. Along with a top-notch selection of goods, you'll also receive free save-the-date cards from Paperless Post and complementary registry announcement cards. Crate & Barrel also offers a 10% completion discount for six months post-wedding. Every item on your registry ships free, and they have an easy-to-use

Pottery Barn

To get a stylish, relaxed vibe throughout your home, may we suggest a Pottery Barn registry? With design service to help you find the perfect pieces for every room in your house, it's the ideal retailer for couple's cohabiting for the very first time. And if you're a fan of customized, monogrammed housewares, Pottery Barn can add your new moniker to just about anything. Plus, you'll get a 10% completion discount in the six months following your wedding, so you can grab any remaining gifts at a great price.


With a huge selection of brands, products, and styles, you'll be able to cross nearly everything off of your list here. And with locations on both the east and west coast, your friends and family can shop in store with ease. You'll also receive Star Rewards accumulated based on the gifts purchased through your registry. When your guests go shopping, they'll also receive 10%t off the purchase, as well as five percent back for themselves! And, post-wedding, Macy's offers a 20% completion discount.

Ethan Allen

Not only is Ethan Allen a leader in home furnishing, but this store is also a leader in wedding registries. Ethan Allen offers couples a complimentary sit-down meeting with their design pros so they can get insider tips on how to register for and design the home of their dreams. Wedding registrants also get free announcement cards and a 15% completion discount for six months after you wedding day.


Whether you're setting up your home for the first time or revamping the home you've already started together, IKEA has everything you'd ever want for the home at competitive prices. While IKEA might be associated with college living, there are plenty of more sophisticated options, as well. From cooking essentials to bed and bath basics, organizational necessities to finishing touches, you'll love registering at IKEA. IKEA has a wedding registry app you can use straight from your phone, plus a wedding registry inspiration guide to get you on the right path!


On top of their large selection of name brand kitchenware, furniture, and home décor, Wayfair offers curated collections that make it easy for brides to sort through all the products to pick and choose what suits their style. Wayfair is also one of the wedding registries that offers group gifting. Wayfair offers a 10% completion discount after the "I do's" are done.

West Elm

A West Elm registry is practically a must-have for couples looking to fill their first home. Take advantage of their free Home Stylists that can help you register for the pieces that will upgrade your space. From kitchen and tabletop necessities to cool home accents and furniture, you can register for each and every room in your house. And with 10% off every item left on your registry for six months following you wedding day, you can be sure you start off married life in style.

The Container Store

Combining two separate lives into one is both exciting and scary. That's where a registry with The Container Store comes into play. Their product solution and expert advice make creating one cohesive and happy household a breeze. And with group gifting and 10% off to help you complete your registry, there's no limit on how organized you can make your first home. When guests spend $75 or more, their able to score free shipping and free gift wrapping!


Best Buy

An electronics retailer might not feel like a natural registry pick, but you'd be surprised at the benefits of signing up with Best Buy. With picks for every room in your house, group-gifting that allows several guests to give as much as they want towards big-ticket items, and a 10% completion bonus to finish purchasing the necessities you didn't receive, what's not to love about a Best Buy registry? Plus, their app lets you add gifts as you go, whether you're shopping in store or online, so you're always connected.


Since you may find yourself crafting like crazy pre-wedding, one way to help you get some money back is by using the Etsy registry. Not only can you pick out cute gifts and decorations, you can also help support small businesses and artists all over the world.

For those that feel like they have it all or don’t want anything at all, you may want to consider using a registry where your wedding guests can donate to the charity or non-profit of your choice. For couple's that already have everything they could ever need, consider a charitable registry on a website like, which allows you to create a registry where guests can give to a foundation of your choosing in your honor.

Top 5 Biggest Wedding Registry Mistakes

  1. Not Registering

  2. The Wrong Number of Items

  3. Not Enough Inexpensive Items

  4. No Big Ticket Dream Items

  5. Items for a Different Lifestyle

we have to thanks Google, brides, Junebug Weddings, snipp, businesswire, statista for this info